Whole 30- Days 4 and 5

How am I not on day 7? This is the longest 5 days of my life, and I don’t even think it’s because I’m thinking about food 24/7- this weather is just draaaaagging me down. For the past three days I’ve been having to remind myself that I’m not even done a full week yet.

But anyway! I took notes on my phone so I wouldn’t forget all the super important and semi-funny things I want to tell you today.

First up, I think day 4 involved leftovers for lunch and nothing that exciting. The real story is our weekly small group that meets at our house every Tuesday night. It was a friend’s birthday so we had steak (both compliant and delicious on it’s own), poutine (why is compliant cheese not a thing? I had some grilled potatoes.), and salad with Tessamae’s ranch dressing. And of course, an insanely good looking lemonade cake was served {found here – warning: if you’re on any sort of diet or “lifestyle change”, don’t even click, you will hate yourself for doing so). I must pause here and say I think it’s odd that there is a lot of concern about “eating out” on the whole30 or entertaining or eating with any sort of group. I think I need to eat EVERY meal with a group because I can tell you for certain that if I were alone, I would have shoved every last crumb of that cake in my face. I’m still thinking about it. And by “it” I of course mean the refreshing glass of water I had for dessert and not at all that cake.

Speaking of water, OH MY GOSH I can’t wait to stop peeing every two seconds! It’s not so much the going every two seconds as much as the worrying I’m about to pee my pants every two seconds. And if you don’t know that feeling, you are probably just too young to be needing a whole30 anyway. Stop mocking us and go have a piece of pizza.

On to Day 5! According to the timeline, yesterday and today were “Kill All The Things” days. But I gotta say, I really don’t feel I’ve been that irritable. I mean, not any more irritable than usual…… and definitely not as cranky as day 2. Lunch involved those leftover potatoes and this balsamic grilled chicken. Now again, I gotta stop here. The author of this recipe “likes to grind the… [seasonings]… together with a mortar and pestle.” I did not know that was a thing. This is 2017 and I thought a mortar and pestle was just a movie prop for apothecaries. For the record, the hubs thought the chicken was good without getting that fancy (because we are normal), and I also had said chicken for dinner with some asparagus (while the rest of the fam had McDonald’s- since when do I have self control?). I’m trying not to get annoyed with eating a lot of the same stuff because a. Everything new is a million hours of prep work so I’ll eat anything already cooked and b. I figure I’d have no problem eating pizza for 12 days straight, so it’s not like eating the same meal twice in a row is the real issue here.

Sidebar: I just had to get up from my comfy spot on the couch where I’m writing this to go pee. It’s ridiculous.

Tomorrow I’ll share what I’ve had going in the crockpot all day today, but before I go, I wanted to share with you a little tip for getting through an afternoon food craving.

Just throw on some teeth whitening trays and you’ve got a solid 30 minutes where you can’t eat! Bonus: you’ll too busy drooling buckets to really want to eat anyway.

Day 5, we out.

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