Whole 30: Day 4,765

Spoiler alert: it’s really only day 3.

Yesterday was good. Pretty much every Sunday after church, we head to my parent’s house for lunch, and this lunch usually involves spaghetti, garlic bread, and everything that’s dead to me for 27 more days. So I brought along some leftovers but was pumped when we grilled burgers. I had a super exciting burger without a bun, watermelon, and some potatoes.

Today, I’m winning. I had to go to the grocery store AGAIN today, and I felt like a failure when I had to buy an “emergency” larabar (or 5) to get me through lunch time- and it’s only day three. However, I now have this chicken going in the crockpot, and I plan to save all the bones and junk to make a broth- even though I just spent about $24 on sugar free broth the other day but whatevs.

I have also clarified butter. Listen, don’t search the earth for ghee. Just throw some butter in a pot, melt it really slowly, and the white stuff will sink to the bottom. Carefully pour the yellow stuff into a container and you’re done.

Currently, I have ketchup simmering on the stove. This was the only recipe I could find that didn’t involve planting your own tomatoes last spring and prepping dates for 72 hours. If it’s as good as the reviews say it is, it’ll be a game changer and open up a world of recipes.

Oh, and a teeny detail. I’ve technically already failed this whole30 because I weighed myself. But ya know what? I’m not eating anything delicious that I love for 30 days so I’ll weigh myself if I want to. I mean, my primary motivation is to lose weight, and that’s basically the one reason they say you SHOULDN’T do it to begin with. Sooo…. #rulebender

If you ever want to do your own Whole 30, it’s good to familiarize yourself with this timeline. According to today, I should still be feeling hungover, but I’m pretty sure I’m feeling either a. all of the days at once or b. I’ve sped through them and can now eat like this for infinity (no I can’t).

Day 1- was terrible and I could barely keep my eyes open by 7:30PM.

Day 2- I was kind of foggy during the day and I snapped at my husband for about 14 hours straight. I thought a lot about all the foods I couldn’t have and gave equal thought to throwing in the towel. I tried to think about all the way harder things people have done and the way worse things people have to eat and that maybe I should turn my food cravings into a spiritual craving and all kinds of righteous thoughts, but then I ate dinner and it turns out I was just hangry.

Day 3- I feel neither snappy nor super hungry. I actually woke up and didn’t have breakfast until I’d been awake for a couple hours. I expect to have tiger blood from here on out.

Until next time….

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