Whole 30 -24 days I think.

SUNSHINE!!! Finallyyyy. Holy smokes. I have a LOT to recap over the past couple days. I say a LOT because I know you have all been waiting on edge for me to disclose everything I’ve eaten and not eaten the past two days.

First I need to make an apology for something I said. I openly mocked the preparation stage before starting the W30 and I made a comment about going to the Himalayas for my salt. I bought some pink Himalayan salt on one of my 4,000 trips to the grocery store last weekend to use while making this slow cooker kalua pork by Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo. WELL, as I prepped my pork roast and salted the pig, I realized the recipe called for HAWAIIAN Sea Salt. Are you kidding me!? If I had known that, OF COURSE I would have traveled to Hawaii to get it! So here’s me eating my words. If only that word was pizza. Secondary info: I made the pork and thought it was “meh”, read the comments and realized that apparently you can mess up a 3 ingredient recipe. But you can’t rewind that 9 hours in a crock pot and add more bacon or add just half a cup of water or just use the pork tenderloin you normally do instead of some pork chunk that dries out faster.

Fast forward to Thursday and I came the closest yet to throwing in the towel and starting over today. We had a family gathering involving Pizza Hut (guilty pleasure forever), Mountain Dew (because obviously) and chips (I freakin love chips). Thankfully, I knew in advance it was either pizza or chinese so the last thing I was going to do was bring a salad with me and make myself hate my life even more. I made this glorious recipe involving copycat Chick Fil A nuggets and I baked some french fries. To make this again I’d skip the pickle juice step because it’s annoying, and I don’t eat the pickles at chick fil a anyway. But if you like it, go for it. After dinner I 100% went to the bathroom and did a silent cheer in the mirror for having self-control x infinity.

Friday- Day 7!! To be honest I’ve started to lose track a little bit of what day I’m on because I decided that counting backwards is better for my mental health. So after today I have 23 days left, and lemme tell ya, nothing is more satisfying than getting up in the morning and crossing the day before off my calendar. I had leftover nuggets for lunch and then, because it was 70 degrees out for the first time since last July it seems, we went to the park. At dinner time. I only survived because my awesome friend and neighbor made compliant beef jerky for me and I brought a banana. When we got home and the kids were in bed I made this orange chicken. I’m sure if I made it BEFORE the chick fil a copycats, I would have been wowed by it, but tonight it was just okay lol.

One final note- I survived the DMV today with both kids and an apple pie Larabar.

Week One- peace. out.

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