V-Day Your Way

Simple ways to show your love that you won’t hear in a sermon.

Some people like to go all out on Valentine’s day. Heart shaped pancakes. Multiple bouquets (some involving bacon). Actual crafts with your kids. Candle-lit dinners. Mushy posts on social media. THE INSANE BOXES YOU SEND TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR KIDS. What even? I mean I’m not listing these things to judge people, this is titled “v-day your way” after all, but I’m gonna judge that one. Can we just go with grocery bags from here on out? Thanks. Or wait a minute- their backpacks. That they already own. And carry to school with them everyday TO BRING THINGS HOME IN. I digress….

Some people just get a text from their husbands after they leave for work saying “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey”, and you reply “oh yeah, thanks, you too”, and it’s cool. Whether or not you keep it low key or max out your romance budget for the year, I thought it would be fun to share some simple ways we can all love our significant others throughout the year.

  1. Clean your hair out of the shower.
  2. If you smell it first, change the poopy diaper. (Free pass on this if your kids are grown or you don’t have any 😉 )
  3. Put all the things in the things. (Clothes in the hamper. Dishes in the sink/dishwasher. Pee in the toilet.)
  4. Tell the other when there’s something in their teeth.
  5. Rinse your beard trimmings out of the sink.
  6. Tell them they are an awesome driver.
  7. Pretend the thing that irritates the crap out of you doesn’t.
  8. Get the air freshener after your own farts. (8b. Roll down your car window if you’re in a vehicle. Please.)
  9. Let them pick the movie.
  10. Let them sleep in any time they can.
  11. Make out even if it won’t go anywhere.
  12. Make out and let it go somewhere whaaaaaat?
  13. Help the child with the 3rd grade math homework.
  14. Let them be the DJ in the car.
  15. Keep them caffeinated.

What are the ways you love your SO??

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