It’s the little things.

I’m coming to you pretty much as “live” as you can get on a blog this morning because I’m in the midst of experiencing a miracle. Also, I think this is the point in the blog where I have to make up secret code names for my family members. My creative juices are running on empty this morning but we’ll see what I can do.

Scene: My husband, G-Money, took our two year old, J-man, and our dog Remy out to run some errands this morning. The 8-month-old (8 months! When the heck did that happen!?), MJ is sleeping…. AND MY HOUSE IS QUIET!!!! Like really quiet. The fan is going and the keyboard is clicking and there is no other noise. It’s amazing. That’s the miracle. But wait! There’s more.

I get a text from G$ that the coin arcade is no longer at our bank (WHAAAAT!). However, J-Man not only received a lollipop but a toy football at the bank. A lollipop and a toy football. A lollipop AND a toy football. And all he had to do was wake up this morning, let someone change his diaper, let somebody prepare his breakfast, let somebody dress him, let somebody put his sneakers on, be buckled in a car seat, and be carried into a bank.

What I’d like to know is where are the mom gifts!? “Hi and welcome to the grocery store. You made it, here’s your favorite shade of lipstick.” “Thanks for coming to the bank today! Here’s your iced capp.” “You made it to the post office! Would you like some chocolate? A pedicure? Your sanity back?”

Then I remembered that a couple days ago at Wal-Fart (not a typo, if you’re wondering), I received one of the greatest gifts motherhood has ever given me. It’s about 89 degrees out and we’re leaving the store. I start the vehicle, roll down my driver’s side window a few inches out of habit, opened the back gate, and then, for whatever reason, I decided that J-Man could just plop down in the back for a couple minutes while I unloaded everything else. I remember now that the reason is because he’s a whiny pants and I thought being in some shade as soon as possible would magically fix that. HA! Well, I forgot that he’s a spider monkey and while I was putting MJ in her spot behind the passenger’s seat, he made his way to the driver’s seat and hit the lock button right as I closed MJ’s door. Awesome.

Thankfully, the lift gate was still open so I took a deep breath and hauled myself up into the vehicle, through bucket seats, over consoles, clicked unlock, and removed J-man from the driver’s seat. Cue the tantrum. Also cue hauling the tantrum-throwing child over console, through bucket seats, and out of the back, with a pit stop to threaten a spanking. It’s at the moment that we’re clambering out of the back that I’m pretty certain an angel of the Lord appeared, dressed in some JAMMIN athletic wear, and said unto me “Hey! Let me unload your bags for you!”

Ummmmm YES. I believe in that moment I did say “Oh my gosh thank you SO much!!” But in my head it was more like “What!? This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!!! A fellow mom saw me in my distress and swooped in to save the day!? This one act of kindness is so amazing! I can die happy! There is hope for humanity! This is how we show up for people! My stress is instantly gone! A tantrum just happened? What tantrum? Everything is amazing!”

As I pulled out of the parking lot I realized I am the worst at basic things like asking people’s names and making friends. So I may not ever see this woman again (I don’t even have a license plate number to stalk), but I’ll always be thankful she saw me in that moment and decided that helping a stranger wouldn’t be awkward.

Miracles are happening every day.

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things.”

  1. Pro tip: coin counters are at Norstate Federal Credit Union and Machias Savings Bank. And I teared up over your miracle at WALMART of all places. Bless it!

  2. I was at the grocery store during a torrential downpour on Friday and a TEENAGER walking into the store stopped and asked if he could carry my groceries to my car for me!!!! Made my day!

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