I’ve heard of people who “do their best thinking in the shower”. I’ve determined these people must all be bloggers, because let me tell you….normally my shower involves 10 minutes of zero thinking and (hopefully) peace before anybody wakes up or starts crying. I also usually try to stretch it to 12 minutes without anybody noticing that I’m “taking FOREVER in the shower”. But this blog, man. It’s made me a shower thinker. I got so caught up in all the pressure of thinking about what I was gonna write about next and narrowing down my thousands of hilarious jokes that I shaved one armpit and forgot to condition my hair. And I’m STILL not sure where this post is gonna go.

I guess maybe I’ll share one of my goals for this place. Some of you who know me well probably read my tagline and thought “Oh heavens, here she goes. Brace yourself, people.” But really that tagline exists because I want to build a place of refreshing honesty- I want this to be a place that says “me too” instead of giving the side eye. And I know we people of the internet tend to get real brave behind keyboards, but maybe some of that refreshing honesty will spill over into real life and before we know it, we’ll have tons of women in real life who can just be cool with each other and act like besties when we pass each other in the grocery store, because we just know that’s the kind of people we are. Unless its Wal-mart on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. You can be sure as heck I’ll avoid eye contact and all pleasantries in order to get out of there as fast as humanly possible.

Anyway, I painted a bedroom today in order to avoid folding laundry and then I started writing for the same reason. But now both are done so I should probably go fo- oh look, it’s 10PM. Goodnight 😉


5 thoughts on “#2”

  1. I changed over laundry and hung up my clean clothes and folded some at 10…you can sort my socks though.

  2. Yes, I’m probably going to comment on every post.. My because I have issues (and apparently no life on a Friday night). And because I love that you’re a blogger now!

    I loved this….”maybe some of that refreshing honesty will spill over into real life”. I think it’s easier said than done, but it’s so my desire–that women would connect more in real life. You should write more about how to do that!

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